American actress Kate Hodge played graduate student Randi Wallace. Working on her masters thesis, Randi meets Mythology professor Ian Matheson, played by English actor Neil Dickson. The two develop an unspoken attraction to each other, which only increases when Randi looks to him for help after surviving a werewolf attack on the Moors. While searching for a cure, Ian becomes Randi's keeper during the full moon phases, with the mismatched duo somehow always seeming to find themselves in hot water with various supernatural creatures along the way which end up clashing with Randi's werewolf form (portrayed by Diane Youdale).

Mid-way through the first season, the European producers of the series pulled their financial backing, and the lower budget forced production to move to Los Angeles for the final six episodes. The series was retitled Love and Curses, with Neil Dickson's character changed from a British professor to an L.A. talk-show host eager to investigate the paranormal. The show was cancelled after its first season, along with the two other Hollywood Premiere Network shows (Shades of LA and They Came From Outer Space.)