House of the Wolf Man
House of the Wolf Man original movie poster
Directed by Eben McGarr
Produced by John P. McGarr
Roland R. Rosenberg Jr.
David Sontag
Larry Sontag
Written by Eben McGarr
Starring Ron Chaney
Cinematography Royce A. Dudley
Editing by Cyrus Navarro
Distributed by Taurus Entertainment Company[1]
Language English

House of the Wolf Man is an American monster horror film produced in 2009 by My Way Pictures. The film was inspired by the Universal Monsters movies,[2] and was shot in the same style.


Dr. Bela Reinhardt (Ron Chaney) is a mad doctor who has invited five people to his castle to determine which of them shall inherit his estate.[3] He has arranged for a competition of sorts. The winner will be chosen by process of... elimination.

The visitors quickly realize they made a terrible mistake in accepting Reinhardt's invitation, but are trapped like rats in a cage under the watchful eye of Reinhardt's ghoulish manservant, Barlow.[4]


  • Ron Chaney as Bela Reinhardt[5]
  • Dustin Fitzsimons as Reed Chapel
  • Jeremie Loncka as Conrad Sullivan
  • Sara Raftery as Mary Chapel
  • Cheryl Rodes as Elmira Cray
  • Jim Thalman as Archibald Whitlock
  • John McGarr as Barlow
  • Billy Bussey as the Wolf Man
  • Craig Dabbs as the Frankenstein's Monster
  • Michael R. Thomas as Dracula
  • Saba Moor-Doucette as Vadoma

Production notesEdit

House of the Wolf Man is an homage to classic horror films, shot in black and white and 1:33 aspect ratio (full frame).[2]


James Zahn of Fangoria wrote "I think it looks like a lot of fun and can't wait to learn more". Infinite Hollywood reviewed the film for Halloween 2011, "This movie is such a good concept, horribly wasted. The dialogue isn't so badly written (with a few notable exceptions), but spoken by these stiffs it comes across horribly".[2]

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