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The dwergi are small and horripilant humanoids. They are dwarf monsters and Dracula´s loyals minions and workers. In the 2004 Universal Studios movie Van Helsing they appeared. They have certain mechanical abilities and work with mechanisms and electricity. Together with Igor, they built the platform to climb the Frankenstein Monster to get their energy and awaken the children of Dracula.

According to the gypsy Princess Ana, Dwergis are industrious but also extremely vicious, and if a person gets the chance to kill a Dwergi, then they should take that chance because a Dwergi can do worse to their human foes. They are sadistic and evil, but they are totally loyal to their master Dracula. They speak Hungarian amongst themselves.

The appearance of these dwarves is particularly horrible. In spite of their small stature, they are malignant, and they have morbid and horrifying characteristics, like enormous eyes, gray skin, and sharp teeth, which they hide under black masks.

The end of the Dwergi is not clear, although several were killed in the fire and the electric explosion that Frankenstein Monster fired and others killed by Gabriel Van Helsing

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