Lon Chaney, Sr. The Miracle Man

Lon Chaney, Sr. starred in six lost films.

A lost film is a film where all its copies are lost, hidden, or destroyed. The earliest lost film is The Jeffries-Sharkey Contest (1899), and the latest is Pupput (1999). A primary reason why silent era films go missing is because of the nitrate film used. It was extremely flammable, and, as a result caused film vaults to catch fire. Some notable examples of this happening are the 1967 MGM Vault fire and the 1937 Fox Pictures' Vault fire.

Silent EraEdit


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1899 The Jeffries-Sharkey Contest William Brady
Tom O'Rourke
Jim Jeffries
Tom Sharkey
American Mutoscope and Biograph film of heavyweight championship bout, 135 minutes in length, first film shot in artificial light. [1]


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1908 The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays Francis Boggs, Otis Turner L. Frank Baum First adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and several of its sequels. Shown only in roadshow engagements as part of a live theater presentation, the print decomposed, and was discarded. [2]
1908 Bobby's Kodak Wallace McCutcheon, Sr. Robert Harron, Edward Dillon First starring role for then-child actor Robert "Bobby" Harron. [3]
1908 The Music Master Wallace McCutcheon, Jr. D.W. Griffith Most of D.W. Griffith's early appearances as an actor in Biograph films have been preserved, minus this title. [4]


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1911 The Immortal Alamo William F. Haddock Francis Ford Earliest film of the Alamo Battle, shot at the Alamo itself. [5]
1912 The Honor of the Family Lon Chaney, Sr. Chaney's on-screen debut. [6]
1912 Saved from the Titanic Étienne Arnaud Dorothy Gibson First film about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Gibson was an actual Titanic survivor.[7]
1913 The Battle of Gettysburg Charles Giblyn, Thomas H. Ince Willard Mack, Charles K. French The film was reported to have been screened in France in 1973. [8]
1913 The Vampire Britain's first feature-length horror film. [9]
1913 The Werewolf Henry MacRae Clarence Burton, Marie Walcamp The first werewolf film, but destroyed in a fire in 1924. [10]
1914 Absinthe Herbert Brenon & George Edwardes-Hall King Baggot, Leah Baird
1914 The Battle of the Sexes D. W. Griffith Lillian Gish [11]
1914 The World, the Flesh and the Devil F. Martin Thornton Frank Esmond First dramatic feature film made in color (Kinemacolor).
1914 The Escape D. W. Griffith Donald Crisp [12]
1914 Her Friend the Bandit Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand The only lost film starring Chaplin. [13]
1914 Hearts Adrift Edwin S. Porter Mary Pickford A film similar in theme to Henry De Vere Stacpoole's The Blue Lagoon. [14]
1914 The Life of General Villa Christy Cabanne Pancho Villa A film about Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, starring Villa as himself. [15]
1914 The Indian Wars William F. Cody William F. Cody stars as himself in this early movie version of the Indian Wars; also stars Nelson Appleton Miles and Black Elk; reportedly only part of last reel survives; released 1917. [16]
1914 Damaged Goods Thomas Ricketts Richard Bennett
1914 The Siege and Fall of the Alamo Ray Myers Four production stills and a review are held at the Library of Congress.
1914 A Study in Scarlet George Pearson James Bragington The first feature-length adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story. [17]
1914 The Jungle The only film version to date of Upton Sinclair's book of the same name.
1914 The Crucible Edwin S. Porter, Hugh Ford Marguerite Clark Clark's second feature, based on the play by Mark Lee Luther. Re-released in 1919, but still lost. [18]
1914 Such a Little Queen Edwin S. Porter, Hugh Ford Mary Pickford Based on a play by Channing Pollock. [19]
1915 The Eternal City Edwin S. Porter, Hugh Ford Pauline Frederick One of the first American productions filmed in Rome. [20]
1915 Anna Karenina J. Gordon Edwards Betty Nansen, Edward José The first American adaptation of the novel. [21]
1915 The Romance of Elaine George B. Seitz Pearl White Serial starring Pearl White.
1915 Life Without Soul Joseph W. Smiley Percy Standing The second film based upon the novel Frankenstein. [22]
1915 The Last Night of the Barbary Coast Hal Mohr, Sol Lesser Early example of an exploitation film, purportedly showing the last night of the Barbary Coast red-light district of San Francisco.
1915 The Two Orphans Herbert Brenon Theda Bara Later remade by D. W. Griffith as Orphans of the Storm, starring Dorothy Gish and Lillian Gish. [23]
1915 The Pretty Sister of Jose Allan Dwan Marguerite Clark, Jack Pickford, Rupert Julian Clark's second film directed by Allan Dwan. [24]
1915 A Girl of Yesterday Allan Dwan Mary Pickford, Frances Marion, Glenn L. Martin Real-life aviation pioneer Glenn L. Martin flies Mary in his biplane and refuses to kiss pretty Frances Marion because his real-life mother Minta objected to the kissing. [25]
1915 The Valley of Lost Hope Romaine Fielding Romaine Fielding, Mildred Gregory. Peter Lang Western involving a crashing locomotive. [26]
1915 The Battle Cry of Peace J. Stuart Blackton Charles Richman, L. Rogers Lytton, Mary Maurice Anti-war epic and the most expensive production undertaken by Vitagraph. One reel reported in Europe; fragments of battle scenes, culled from stock shot libraries, reside at G.E.H. [27][28]
1916 McTeague Barry O'Neal Holbrook Blinn
Fania Marinoff
The first filming of the novel McTeague, this film was apparently known as Life's a Whirlpool (not to be confused with the 1917 film of the same name). [29]
1916 The Serpent Raoul Walsh Theda Bara One of Theda Bara's many lost films [30]
1916 A Daughter of the Gods Herbert Brenon Annette Kellerman A few feet were held in the Cinema Museum of London, but are now lost. [31]
1916 Das Phantom der Oper Ernst Matray Nils Olaf Chrisander, Aud Egede-Nissen [32]
1916 Romeo and Juliet J. Gordon Edwards Theda Bara [33]
1916 The Fall of a Nation Thomas Dixon Lorraine Huling A few frames survive. Sequel to The Birth of a Nation (1915). [34]
1917 Camille J. Gordon Edwards Theda Bara A reel was rumored to be found in a Russian archive, but was actually mislabelled. The film is still lost. [35]
1917 Brcko u Zagrebu (Brcko in Zagreb) Arsen Maas Stjepan Bojničić First Croatian roleplay movie. Only some shots remain.
1917 A Country Hero Roscoe Arbuckle Roscoe Arbuckle, Buster Keaton [36]
1917 El Apóstol Quirino Cristiani Argentine production believed to be the world's first animated feature film. [37]
1917 Der Golem und die Tänzerin Paul Wegener First sequel to a horror film. [38]
1917 The Honor System Raoul Walsh One of Walsh's first features, and one of his most successful. [39]
1917 The Gulf Between Wray Bartlett Physioc Grace Darmond, Niles Welch The first Technicolor film, a few frames of which survive. [40]
1917 Life's Whirlpool Lionel Barrymore Ethel Barrymore Not based on Frank Norris' novel McTeague, but a typical melodrama of the time. Lionel Barrymore's last directed silent film until talkies in 1929, and the only directing of his sister in a film. [41]
1917 Magda Emile Chautard Clara Kimball Young, Valda Valkyrien [42]
1917 The Spirit of '76 Frank Montgomery John Big Tree, William Beery (brother of Wallace Beery and Noah Beery) Seized because it showed British Army "atrocities" during the American Revolution and was deemed to be detrimental to American support for England during World War I. [43]
1917 Imokawa Mukuzo Genkanban no Maki
1918 Bound in Morocco Douglas Fairbanks [44]
1918 The Great Love D. W. Griffith Lillian Gish This melodrama incorporated actual footage of England and France under World War I conditions, including an air raid and a battle. [45]
1918 The Greatest Thing in Life D. W. Griffith Lillian Gish [46]
1918 The Kaiser, Beast of Berlin Rupert Julian Rupert Julian Early World War I propaganda film. [47]
1918 The Prussian Cur Raoul Walsh Miriam Cooper Early World War I propaganda film. [48]
1918 Salomé J. Gordon Edwards Theda Bara [49]
1918 The Savage Woman Edmund Mortimer Clara Kimball Young, Milton Sills [50]
1918 The Romance of Tarzan Scott Sidney Elmo Lincoln The second Tarzan film produced. [51]
1918 That Devil, Bateese William Wolbert Lon Chaney, Sr. Chaney's final film in his first stint at Universal. [52]
1918 The Woman and the Law Raoul Walsh Based on the Blanca de Saulles trial starring Miriam Cooper. [53]
1919 Anne of Green Gables William Desmond Taylor Mary Miles Minter [54]
1919 The Boy in Blue F. W. Murnau Blandine Ebinger Murnau's debut film. [55]
1919 The Homesteader Oscar Micheaux Evelyn Preer Believed to be the first feature-length "race film" made with a black cast and crew, for a black audience.
1919 The Knickerbocker Buckaroo Albert Parker Douglas Fairbanks [56]
1919 Evangeline Raoul Walsh One of Walsh's most successful silents up to that time, one of Miriam Cooper's most successful. [57]
1919 Marked Men John Ford Harry Carey [58]
1919 A Fight for Love John Ford Harry Carey, John Big Tree [59]
1919 The Test of Honor John S. Robertson John Barrymore Barrymore's first dramatic role in a film. [60]
1919 Der Herr der Liebe Fritz Lang Carl de Vogt This is the only film in which director Fritz Lang had an acting role. [61]
1919 The Misleading Widow John S. Robertson Billie Burke [62]
1919 The Avalanche George Fitzmaurice Elsie Ferguson [63]
1919 A Society Exile George Fitzmaurice Elsie Ferguson [64]
1919 Counterfeit George Fitzmaurice Elsie Ferguson [65]
1919 The First Men in the Moon J.L.V. Leigh Hector Abbas, Lionel D'Aragon First film adapted directly from a work by H.G. Wells [66]


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1920 The Prince of Avenue A John Ford James J. Corbett
Richard Cummings
1920 Abend - Nacht - Morgen F.W. Murnau Conrad Veidt, Gertrude Welcker, Bruno Ziener, Otto Gebühr, Carl von Balla
1920 Sehnsucht F. W. Murnau Conrad Veidt
1920 The Revenge of Tarzan Harry Revier
George M. Merrick
Gene Pollar The third Tarzan film produced [68]
1920 The Devil's Pass Key Erich von Stroheim Leo White, Mae Busch negative depiction of Americans led some suggest Stroheim be deported. [69]
1920 Treasure Island Maurice Tourneur Shirley Mason, Charles Ogle, Lon Chaney, Sr. An exceptionally lavish production of the Stevenson novel, reportedly with some color sequences [70][71]
1920 Lady Rose's DaughterHugh FordElsie Ferguson[72]
1921 DisraeliHenry Kolker George Arliss The entire film was screened at the MOMA in 1947. In the sixty years since only reel 3 survives at George Eastman House.[73]
1921 The Gunsaulus Mystery Oscar Micheaux Evelyn Preer Inspired by the 1913 murder of Mary Phagan. [74]
1921 Humor Risk Richard Smith Marx Brothers The first Marx Brothers film. It is not clear whether this film was ever shown theatrically. [75]
1921 The Lotus Eater Marshall Neilan John Barrymore, Colleen Moore tropical scenes filmed partly on Catalina Island, and in Florida [76]
1921 The Freeze Out John Ford Harry Carey [77]
1921 The Avenging Arrow William S. Bowman
W. S. Van Dyke
John Big Tree
1921 The Queen of Sheba J. Gordon Edwards Betty Blythe Only a few production stills remain. Elaborate chariot race staged by Tom Mix [78]
1921 Sentimental TommyJohn S. RobertsonGareth Hughesone of the biggest Paramount hits of 1921 [79]
1921 ForeverGeorge FitzmauriceElsie Ferguson, Wallace Reidfilm version of George du Maurier play Peter Ibbetson [80]
1921 ExperienceGeorge FitzmauriceRichard Barthelmess, Lilyan Tashman, Marjorie Daw allegory in which all the characters are named for a human emotion [81]
1922 Clarence William C. DeMille Wallace Reid
Adolphe Menjou
1922 Number 13 Alfred Hitchcock Clare Greet
Ernest Thesiger
What would have been Hitchcock's first film was uncompleted except for a few scenes, due to budget problems. [83]
1922 The Beautiful and DamnedWilliam A. SeiterKenneth Harlan
Marie Prevost
F. Scott Fitzgerald's second novel, adapted and produced by Warner Bros. Six lobby cards extant. [84]
1922 A Blind Bargain Wallace Worsley Lon Chaney, Sr. Negative destroyed by MGM in 1931. Last surviving print lost in 1967 MGM vault fire[85]
1922 One Glorious Day James Cruze Will Rogers Possibility of a nitrate print surviving [86]
1922 Uncle Jasper's Will Oscar Micheaux A sequel to the 1920 feature Within Our Gates [87]
1922 The Virgin of the Seminole Oscar Micheaux [88]
1923 Miss Suwanna of Siam Henry MacRae Sa-ngaim Naveesatien, Ram Projtasart One of the earliest feature films made in Thailand, only stills and promotional materials exist.
1923 Human Wreckage John Griffith Wray Dorothy Davenport, Bessie Love Early portrayal of drug addiction, based on actor Wallace Reid, Davenport's husband [89]
1923 The Daring Years Kenneth Webb Mildred Harris
Charles Emmett Mack
Clara Bow
1923 Drakula halála Károly Lajthay The first filmed version of the Dracula story. This Hungarian film preceded Nosferatu by over a year. [91]
1923 Vanity Fair Hugo Ballin Mabel Ballin Film produced by Samuel Goldwyn with Prizmacolor sequence [92]
1923 Flaming Youth John Francis Dillon Colleen Moore
Milton Sills
One reel survives [93]
1923 The Ghost City Jay Marchant Pete Morrison [94]
1923 Hollywood James Cruze Contained cameos of many silent film stars playing themselves [95]
1923 Where the Pavement Ends Rex Ingram Ramón Novarro
Alice Terry
Filmed in Florida & Cuba. [96]
1923 Hoodman Blind John Ford David Butler, Gladys Hulette [97]
1923 The World's Applause William C. deMille Bebe Daniels [98]
1923 The Eternal CityGeorge FitzmauriceLionel Barrymore, Barbara LaMarr, Bert Lytell Partly shot in Rome. [99]
1923 The Isle of Lost ShipsMaurice TourneurAnna Q. Nilsson, Milton Sills A story of ships caught, lost or missing in the Sargasso Sea; the area later became even more famous following the Bermuda Triangle disappearances. [100]
1923 On the Banks of the Wabash J. Stuart BlacktonMary Carr, Madge Evans, Burr McIntosh Shot on location in the midwest and southern United States. [101]
1923 The Courtship of Miles StandishFrederick SullivanCharles RayProduction bankrupted actor Charles Ray and nearly ended his movie career. A full size replica of the Mayflower was built for this film. [102]
1924 Feet of ClayCecil B. DeMilleRod La RocqueSet design by Norman Bel Geddes[103]
1924 Wanderer of the Wasteland Irvin Willat Billie Dove A Technicolor feature. Willat had only existing print which disintegrated by 1971 [104]
1924 A Sainted Devil Joseph Henabery Rudolph Valentino, Nita Naldi Less than one reel has survived [105]
1924 So Big Charles Brabin Colleen Moore [106]
1924 Sinners in Heaven Alan Crosland Bebe Daniels, Richard Dix [107]
1924 Merton of the Movies James Cruze Glenn Hunter Named by the New York Times as one of the ten best films of 1924 [108]
1924 Babbitt Harry Beaumont Willard Louis, Mary Alden, Carmel Myers First film adaptation of Sinclair Lewis novel. [109]
1924 Gold HeelsW.S. Van Dyke Robert Agnew Partly inspired by the racehorse of the same name. [110]
1925 Corazón Aymara Pedro Sambarino First Bolivian fiction feature film.
1925 The Fighting Heart John Ford George O'Brien, Billie Dove [111]
1925 The Dark Angel George Fitzmaurice Vilma Banky, Ronald Colman Named by the New York Times as one of the ten best films of 1925. [112]
1925 The Prophecy of the Lake José Maria Velasco Maidana Second completed Bolivian fiction feature film; banned and never released.
1925 That Royle Girl D. W. Griffith W. C. Fields Griffith used 24 airplane propellers to create a tornado sequence. [113]
1925 Madame Sans-Gêne Léonce Perret Gloria Swanson filmed by Swanson entirely in France [114]
1925The Coast of FollyAllan Dwan Gloria Swanson [115]
1925 His Supreme MomentGeorge FitzmauriceBlanche Sweet, Ronald Colman, Anna May Wong some sequences had 2 strip Technicolor[116]
1925 We ModernsJohn Francis DillonColleen Moore a sequel to Moore's Flaming Youth of 1923 [117]
1926 Gwiaździsta eskadraLeonard BuczkowskiBarbara Orwid, Jana Krysta, Jerzy Kobusz, Janusz Halny, Stefan Szwarc, Andrzej Karewicz, Barbara Ludwiżanka, Zygmunt Biesiadecki A story of American soldiers fighting in Polish 7th Air Escadrille fighting with Bolshevists during Polish-Soviet War in 1918–1920. All copies were stolen or destroyed by Soviet Army after 1945. [118]
1926 Arirang Na Woon-gyu Na Woon-gyu Korean film; a copy of the film was rumored to be in the possession of Japanese collector, who died in February 2005. [119]
1926 A Woman of the Sea Josef von Sternberg Edna Purviance Produced by Charlie Chaplin, destroyed by Chaplin himself in 1933 as a tax write-off {Production stills survive}[120]
1926 The Cat's Pajamas William Wellman Betty Bronson [121]
1926 The Great Gatsby Herbert Brenon Warner Baxter, Lois Wilson, William Powell The first filmed version of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. [122]
1926 The Mountain Eagle Alfred Hitchcock Nita Naldi The only lost Hitchcock feature film. [123]
1926 A Social Celebrity Malcolm St. Clair Adolphe Menjou, Louise Brooks In 1957 one print deteriorated, and later another was lost in a fire [124]
1926 Just Another Blonde Alfred Santell Louise Brooks A fragmentary 20 minutes of this film has been found and is held at UCLA Film and Television Archive [125]
1926 Aloma of the South SeasMaurice TourneurGilda Gray, William Powellfilmed in Puerto Rico and Bermuda[126]
1926 LondonHerbert WilcoxDorothy GishBFI Database
1927 Camille Fred Niblo Norma Talmadge [127][128]
1927 London After Midnight Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Sr., Marceline Day Reconstructed in 2002 using stills and original script. Last known print destroyed in the 1967 MGM Vault fire.
1927 The City Gone Wild James Cruze Louise Brooks Early gangster film directed by Cruze, with titles by Herman J. Mankiewicz
1927 Babe Comes Home Ted Wilde Babe Ruth, Anna Q. Nilsson [129]
1927 The Couple in Name Ruan Lingyu
1927 Evening Clothes Luther Reed Adolphe Menjou, Louise Brooks [130]
1927 For the Love of Mike Frank Capra Claudette Colbert Claudette Colbert's film debut [131]
1927 Hats Off Laurel and Hardy
1927 The House Behind the Cedars Oscar Micheaux Based on the novel by Charles W. Chesnutt
1927 The Potters W. C. Fields
1927 Rolled Stockings Louise Brooks The film features the Paramount Junior stars, and was filmed in Berkeley, California
1927 Sword of Penitence Yasujiro Ozu Ozu's first film
1927 Taxi! Taxi! Edward Everett Horton
1927 The Way of All Flesh Victor Fleming Emil Jannings The only Academy Award-winning performance to be lost
1927 Rough House RosieFrank R. StrayerClara Bow, Reed Howes [132]
1928 The Big CityTod BrowningLon Chaney, Betty Compsonstory about criminals cheating criminals [133]
1928 The Patriot Ernst Lubitsch Emil Jannings Won Best Writing Achievement at the 2nd Academy Awards. Nominated for Best Picture. The only Best Picture nominee to be lost
1928 4 Devils F.W. Murnau Janet Gaynor Named by the New York Times as one of the ten best films of 1928 [134]
1928 Tenderloin Michael Curtiz Dolores Costello
Conrad Nagel
Second feature film to have synchronized dialogue sequences
1928 Alias Jimmy Valentine Jack Conway William Haines
Lionel Barrymore
Released in silent and part-talkie versions [135]
1928 Red Hair Clara Bow A part-color silent movie
1928 Women They Talk About Lloyd Bacon Irene Rich An early all-talking picture
1928 Thérèse Raquin Jacques Feyder
1928 Ladies of the Mob William Wellman Clara Bow
1928 The Last Moment Paul Fejos Georgia Hale, Otto Matieson Experimental silent film told without subtitles.
1928 On Trial Archie Mayo Pauline Frederick
Lois Wilson
1928 The Legion of the Condemned William Wellman Fay Wray, Gary Cooper
1928 The Dragnet Josef von Sternberg William Powell, Evelyn Brent
1928 Dry Martini Mary Astor
1928 Manhattan Cocktail Dorothy Arzner Nancy Carroll A one-minute montage sequence from this film, Skyline Dance by Slavko Vorkapich, was released in October 2005 in the DVD collection Unseen Cinema
1928 The Air Circus Howard Hawks
1928 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Alice White, Ruth Taylor The first version of the Anita Loos story
1928 Street of Sin Mauritz Stiller Emil Jannings, Fay Wray [136]
1928 The White Cloud Pagoda Ruan Lingyu
1928 Tarzan the Mighty Jack Nelson, Ray Taylor Frank Merrill The seventh Tarzan movie produced
1928 The Divine Woman Victor Sjöström Greta Garbo A nine-minute fragment survives [128]
1928 The ActressSidney FranklinNorma Shearer based on the play Trelawney of the Wells [137]
1929 Sonny Boy Archie Mayo Edward Everett Horton
1929 The Case of Lena Smith Josef von Sternberg A four-minute segment was shown at the Giornate del cinema muto festival of Pordenone in 2003
1929 This Thing Called Love Constance Bennett Part-Technicolor film released by Pathé
1929 Married in Hollywood Walter Catlett Part-Multicolor film. Final color reel at UCLA.
1929 Smiling Irish Eyes William A. Seiter Colleen Moore Part-Technicolor. Vitaphone discs survive.
1929 Footlights and Fools William A. Seiter Colleen Moore Part-Technicolor. Vitaphone discs survive.
1929 Red Hot Rhythm Leo McCarey Alan Hale Sr. Part-Technicolor film. Only the title song in color exists.
1929 Strong Boy John Ford Victor McLaglen, Leatrice Joy
1929 Fancy BaggageJohn G. Adolfi Audrey Ferris, Myrna Loy A part-talkie from Warner Brothers, no film elements survive.
1929 The Cavalier Richard Talmadge Part-talkie released with music and sound effects by Tiffany Pictures
1929 The Fatal Warning Richard Thorpe Ralph Graves, Helene Costello 12-part mystery serial released by Mascot Pictures
1929 Is Everybody Happy? Archie Mayo Ted Lewis Complete soundtrack survives, plus one reel of the picture
1929 Queen of the Night Clubs Bryan Foy Texas Guinan One short clip included in Winner Take All (1932) with James Cagney
1929 The Awful Truth Marshall Neilan Ina Claire remade in 1937 with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne

Sound EraEdit


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1930 Bride of the Regiment Vivienne Segal A Technicolor film, complete soundtrack exists on Vitaphone discs
1930 The Cat Creeps Rupert Julian Helen Twelvetrees Sound remake of The Cat and the Canary (1927). Short segment of The Cat Creeps included in short film Boo! (1932) is the only footage known to exist.
1930 A Daughter of the Congo Oscar Micheaux Lorenzo TuckerThe last silent film by Oscar Micheaux
1930 An Elastic Affair Alfred Hitchcock Short film made by Hitchcock for awards ceremony at the London Palladium in January 1930
1930 Georgia Rose Harry Gant Evelyn Preer, Clarence BrooksBelieved to be the first "race" feature made in direct sound
1930 Hit the Deck Jack Oakie, Polly Walker Part Technicolor, only the soundtrack to one reel survives
1930 Hold Everything Winnie Lightner, Joe E. Brown A Technicolor film, complete soundtrack exists on Vitaphone discs
1930 Kismet Loretta Young, Otis Skinner Complete soundtrack exists on Vitaphone discs
1930 Leathernecking Irene Dunne Dunne's film debut.
1930 Lummox Ben Lyon, Winifred Westover
1930 The Man from Blankley's John Barrymore, Loretta Young Complete soundtrack exists on Vitaphone discs
1930 Reminisces of Peking Sun Yu Ruan Lingyu
1930 Song of the Flame Bernice Claire, Alexander Gray, Noah Beery Academy Award nominee for Best Sound. Sound discs for five of the nine reels exist
1930 Song of the West John Boles, Vivienne Segal, Joe E. Brown All-color film made in Technicolor, complete soundtrack exists on Vitaphone discs
1930 What a Widow! Gloria Swanson
1930 The Case of Sergeant Grischa Herbert Brenon Chester Morris Academy Award nominee for Best Sound
1930 Wild Flowers Sun Yu Ruan Lingyu
1931 Age for Love Billie Dove
1931 Charlie Chan Carries On Warner Oland, Hamilton MacFadden An alternate Spanish-language version, featuring a different cast, exists.
1931 Fanny Foley Herself Edna May Oliver All-color film made in Technicolor
1931 Woman Hungry Clarence G. Badger Lila Lee All-color film made in Technicolor
1931 Father's Son Leon Janney, Lewis Stone
1931 Honor of the Family Warren William, Bebe Daniels
1931 Peludópolis Argentine production; the world's first animated feature film with sound, using a primitive sound-on-disc system
1931 Alam Ara First Indian sound film
1932 The Missing Rembrandt Arthur Wontner Second film in the Sherlock Holmes series
1932 Charlie Chan's Chance John G. Blystone Warner Oland Sixth film of the Charlie Chan series and third with Warner Oland [138]
1932 Paprika Franciska Gaal
1932 Walking Down Broadway (1932 film) Erich von Stroheim James Dunn, Boots Mallory, Zasu Pitts Withheld from release and re-edited as Hello Sister!; original version remains lost[139]
1933 Hello Pop! The Three Stooges A Technicolor film, and the Stooges' third film appearance.
1933 Stop, Sadie, Stop Ted Healy Never released, only one print made
1933 The Monkey's Paw Ernest B. Schoedsack Adaptation of the W. W. Jacobs horror story
1933 Chikara to Onna no Yo no Naka Kenzō Masaoka First sound anime
1933 Night in the City Fei Mu Ruan Lingyu
Jin Yan
The debut of Fei Mu, one of China's greatest filmmakers
1933 Wasei Kingu Kongu Torajiro Saito Isamu Yamaguchi Japanese version of King Kong and the first Kaiju film, preceded Godzilla by 21 years [140]
1933 Convention City Joan Blondell
Dick Powell
A pre-Code film produced by First NationalWarner Bros, the last lost feature by a major Hollywood studio and a risque and daring comedy for its time
1934 Charlie Chan's Courage Second version of the Charlie Chan adventure. The 1927 version still exists.
1934 Murder at Monte Carlo Errol Flynn Flynn's debut film in the UK
1934 The Scarab Murder Case Wilfrid Hyde-White A Philo Vance film
1934 White Heat (1934 film) Lois Weber Virginia Cherrill, Mona Maris, Hardie Albright The last film, and only talkie, directed by Lois Weber.[141]
1935 The Magic Shoes Peter Finch Completed but never released
1935 Dark World Bernard Vorhaus Tamara Desni, Leon Quartermaine, Googie Withers Released only in the UK
1937 Bezhin Meadow Sergei Eisenstein Unreleased Soviet film. The unfinished and unreleased film reels were destroyed during a World War II bombing raid in 1941
1938 Too Much Johnson Orson Welles Joseph Cotten Never completed or publicly screened
1938 King Kong Appears in Edo Sōya Kumagai Eizaburo Matsumoto A Japanese kaiju (giant monster) film preceded Godzilla by sixteen years. It was likely lost during World War II.[142]
1938 On the Niemnem Wanda Jakubowska and Karol Szolowski New Nazi regime liked the artistic value of the movie, but could not allow for the screening of a picture so firmly rooted in Polish history. Germans decided to re-edit and dub the movie, changing it to pro-German propaganda. Stefan Dekierowski informed Polish underground and the remaining copies (out of 5 total, 2 of them destroyed) were hidden in winter 1939; the movie is believed to be lost[143]
1939 Secreto de confesión It was lost during the bombing of Manila during World War II.


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1942 Brother Martin: Servant of Jesus Spencer Williams
1944 Escape Episode Kenneth Anger The director destroyed the film together with a few other early works he made.
1946 Little Iodine Reginald Le Borg Hobart Cavanaugh, Irene Ryan Release delayed by a polio outbreak; Little Iodine cartoonist Jimmy Hatlo was a writer.
1948 The Betrayal Oscar Micheaux The director's final production.


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1950 The Miracle of St. Anne Orson Welles Suzanne Cloutier, Maurice Bessy, Boris Vian Short film made as prologue to the Paris stage production of Welles' play The Unthinking Lobster [144]
1955 Une Visite François Truffaut Francis Cognany Truffaut's very first film. It was filmed in Jacques Doniol-Valcroze's apartment and its crew included Jacques Rivette, Alain Resnais and Truffaut's boyhood friend Robert Lachenay. It was only briefly screened for friends and is the only Truffaut film that has never been available for public viewing. Truffaut was unhappy with it and it is unknown if any copies still exist.


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1962 Big and Little Wong Tin Bar Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Chan's film debut, at age 8. An early-60s interview with Chan included some footage, and this in turn was included in the documentary Jackie Chan: My Story.


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1970s Heartbeat in the Brain Joey Mellen Amanda Feilding Infamous trepanation film with Feilding drilling a hole in her own head.
1974 Him Ed D. Louie Only adverts and reviews are known to survive.


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1987 September Woody Allen The film was shot twice. The original version (with a different cast and script) is probably in the director's possession. [145]


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1999 Puppet Felix R. Limardo A 1999 film staring Fred Weller and Rebecca Gayheart. Comedian Artie Lange who also appeared in the film, states in his book that he has never seen the film because it has never surfaced.

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